Yes, as stated above, your method will work but the emulsion will be very slow as no method is provided to control grain size or apply chemical (sulfur) sensitization. Spectral sensitization could work, but would require massive amounts of dye due to the grain size, as this is a surface effect. See the other thread on this regarding dying coatings by imbibition.

Spray coating is covered in the book "Silver Gelatin" and is a way to achieve film and paper coatings. Using a paintbrush works. The offset roller method works and was used in production. The blade works also and was once used in production as well as being the method used for hand coating. One thing common to all of these is what you point out, in an indirect manner. It is an art and takes a lot of practice. The fortunate thing is that you can do it with dyed gelatin which is a lot less expensive than silver.

Denise Ross has been able to achieve exellent coating quality within just a few weeks effort, as you can see from her posts.

Hope that helps.