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What is the "Miller Test" - I never studied Media Law ...
IANAL, and it's been many years since I studied this. It was Miller vs. {mumble} which established the test for what was legally obscene and therefore not protected expression. It is (was?) a 3-part test.

1. It must be patently offensive, in an of itself.

2. It must appeal to the prurient interest. (Must be sexually oriented.)

3. (This one is difficult to remember and from what I hear has been re-interpreted over and over.) When taken as a whole, it must lack artistic, literary, or political content. (Very unsure of wording here, I hope you get what I am trying to say.)

But apparently given the amount of Spam I get on a daily basis sells pretty well.
Porn is something for which there is seemingly an endless demand. If you have it, they will beat a path to your door and beg to buy it.

Or have no interest in presenting it in their productions.
True. Depictions of intimacy are not what the porn customers are after.

I would agree - but there are millions of people who would not.
I've lived in Flyover Country(tm) for the past 30 years. Although most of the people I associate with, in work, socially, etc., seem to have a good handle on mature topics, many do not.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that many of these customers of the porn producers (like customers of the "adult industry" as a whole) are those who vehemently disavow their interest in such things. Yes, we all know the type, and there are countless of them here in Flyover Country and on the coasts.