Has anybody had a chance to see John Cameron Mitchell's recent movie Shortbus ? I went to see it at the Montréal premiere and I must say I was impressed. For those who didn't hear about it, the basic premise of JCM was to make a movie that used explicit and actual sex acts as justifiable constituents of a story.

Where I think it works the best is where it actually reveals character humanity; a kind of extreme method acting if you will. I found the movie very sensible in the way it depicts sexuality; it shows how it's a part of one's being rather than a mechanical act, and how even the mechanical part of it is not divorced from selfhood.

Of course there are plenty of weaknesses here and there in the plot, it's sometimes a bit too sentimental, but at other moment it's gripping.

Anyway, go see it if you have a chance, there aren't many movies like that around.