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Has anybody had a chance to see John Cameron Mitchell's recent movie Shortbus ? I went to see it at the Montréal premiere and I must say I was impressed. For those who didn't hear about it, the basic premise of JCM was to make a movie that used explicit and actual sex acts as justifiable constituents of a story.

Where I think it works the best is where it actually reveals character humanity; a kind of extreme method acting if you will. I found the movie very sensible in the way it depicts sexuality; it shows how it's a part of one's being rather than a mechanical act, and how even the mechanical part of it is not divorced from selfhood.

Of course there are plenty of weaknesses here and there in the plot, it's sometimes a bit too sentimental, but at other moment it's gripping.

Anyway, go see it if you have a chance, there aren't many movies like that around.
Yes- I saw it and I thought it was one of the more "authentic" movies I've seen in a long time, especially with regards to the lead actress, the Chinese-Canadian Couples Counsellor (say that five times fast... hereafter referred to as the C4). The Jamies rang a bit stereotypical and flat to me, honestly. Justin Bond was a hoot, though. He served as a great foil to the C4, because he served essentially the same function as she did, but in actuality with more success. He was able to help her, when she was unable to really help the Jamies. Then again, she did get through to Severin, the dominatrix.

On the whole, I think JCM did a terrific job with making explicit sex a legitimate part of the story. The movie wouldn't work as a story without the explicit sex. That said, it definitely qualifies for an NC-17 rating. The first five minutes of the film ensure that.

Just as an irrelevant aside, I was watching the credits and one of the extras in the cast at the club was an old college acquaintance of mine. It was in some ways strange to see his name there, but then again, he moved to New York after graduating for the very purpose of being part of that BoHo Avant-garde art and film scene, so it made sense. I just hope for his sake this appearance in the movie wasn't his biggest paying job of the last five years.