For the last few days, I have been making comparisons of the sharpness of hand coated prints using my own emulsions. This should also be true using Liquid Light and other similar products.

Sharpness appears to decrease in the order:

Baryta > Hot press untextured > cold press > cold press textured

Sharpness seems to decrease in the order:

Blade coated/dip coated > spray > brush

Since I have only done Blade, dip and brush, I cannot comment exactly on the spray coating other than what is published.

This work is based on making defninition chart exposures of negative and positive images (which reveal bloom and fill in).

Some of the papers tested include Strathmore, Lanaquarelle, Cranes, COT320, and a host of others including 3 grades of Baryta and RC.

All are acceptable and yield some spectacular results, espeically the textured Strathmore Watercolor which is simply beyond description for some pictures (but is not very sharp). I think Denise Ross has said it best. These images can be stunning and repeat what some of the old textured surfaces gave us.

I encourage you all to try making your own coatings on some of the textured papers out there. Please be aware that you must coat more emulsion on cold pressed papers than on hot pressed papers and you must 'learn' how to do this. It is like learning how to paint a picture with extra steps.

My best wishes to all of you who try it.