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Ear piercing?
Taking the patient's temperature with a rectal thermometer?
Applying Preparation "H"?
Colonoscopy is where a camera should never be shoved!

BTW Ed, why is it when someone wants to think of puritanical or fundamentalists Utah is brought up. Yeah I agree about the Rodin exhibit being pitiful. In San Francisco I use to go the Museum out by the Presidio and see the rodin's on permeant display there. Think about it. If Utah was against nudity, why are there so many large families? There is one nude photo at BYU. It was taken on a survivaL class outing near Lake Powell back in the spring of 74. It is of a girl with very long blond hair sitting naked in a rain pool on top of a plateau. She is turned away from the camera, but the back shot is a classic Lady Godiva type image. Well you know what, I didn't see that damn photographer after I had hiked for hours to find a seculuded spot to take a bath. I have the distinction of being the only nude shown at BYU. There now take that for being stuffy and puritan like.