Just paid a visit to my boyhood home of St. Simons Island, Georgia (US) which will host the G-8 conference in a couple of weeks. The military has set up some kind of strange looking radar installation at the local civilian airport - there are concrete barricades all around obviously in position to block the streets.

The local police held a meeting a couple of weeks ago to discuss where they will allow demonstrators to congregate and agitate. The officials happened to mention that they will stop and question anyone seen photographing anything that is not what a tourist would obviously be photographing.

The local Marxists, homeless advocates, International ANSWER representatives and the general local troublemakers immediately (and yes I mean that very night) went to Kmart and Walmart, bought cheap cameras, and went around taking photographs of everything in sight daring the authorities to arrest them.

So far, I'm not aware of anyone being arrested, and no one said a thing to me as I carried a Speed Graphic on a tripod this weekend.