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No worries, I didn't see your comments as confrontational at all. I rather enjoyed discussing the difference between the intimate and grand landscape.

As for Hawaii, well it has been pouring rain here all week, with flooding, landslides and road closures. Today, it has finally cleared up a bit.
Glad to hear that, I enjoy it, too! Most of my friends couldn't care less about photography in general let alone have an opinion about this subject...

We have our share of rain, snow(does this make up for the landslide?), flooding and road closures here in PA, I'll bet when it clears up you've got the better end of the deal! I like the seasons, here, I shouldn't complain too much. The real problem is cloud cover. The airforce built a base nearby because this is one of the most cloud covered areas of the country... What a great distinction. Nothing a red filter can't fix I suppose. Best. Shawn