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Don't get me wrong, I have preferences. Like a lot of males, I am much more comfortable with female nudity, than male nudity. I just think it important to both protect my sensibilities, while at the same time not attempting to impose my choices on others.
Interesting you say that. Funnily enough I am more comfortable with male nudity than female nudity. Unforunately the gender balance of what is practiced and what is seen is w-a-y off.

In my earlier post I mentioned that nude (or semi-clothed) 'work' (including exploitative pornography) can cover what is best and what is worst in 'humanity' but I ommitted to say that much of what I see as 'serious' (including 'erotic') or 'aspiring serious' photographic nude art I think is neither enlightening/uplifting, nor offensive, nor challenging and boundary-breaking, but just plain boring. I include some of the greats in that, and don't include Mapplethorpe.

This won't be popular here, but I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm not interested in photographic 'nude' work but prefer the subtleties of drawing, painting and sculpture. (There are, of course, important exeptions, I include Mapplethorpe for one).

My favourite photographic nude is Willy Ronis' 'Le Nu Provenal'. A lot of stuff I see is just trying to be clever, and in my view it rarely works.