I love these print exchanges.

Hal9000 sent a nice print of a parking garage in Berlin. Nice detail and range of tones. Compositionally I like the way the shapes keep my eyes moving around the image.

Buster6x6 sent a really nice image of a beer can in from of several antique items (no swaztikas in this image!) The abundance of objects and their placement also keep my eyes moving around the image. The image induces you to look for things - details - and when you find them, it's like a little joy. Neat image.

ScottH sent two images from Chicago. These images too make you wonder around the composition. Yet unlike the previous two which were straight and angular, Scott's is more circular and distorted as he photographed a reflection off a globular metallic statue. Almost like a fisheye effect.

Thanks you guys for some very wonderful prints.

Regards, Art.