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I'm speechless. Why bother showing the statues at all? What do they think: Jesus died with a suit on? He was buck-naked on the cross, in spite of all the romanticised paintings.
That means when time travel reaches Utah, the people observing the crucifixion will avert their eyes, not because they are overcome with suffering, but because they are so stunned at the privates hanging there. Or prove all of us wrong, and he DID actually die in his suit.

And what about respect for the artist's intention (ok, I know that this is the subject of another thread).
I would say it is more respect for the artist - it would be better to not exhibit it at all.

But covering it is not good for the museum. The controversy generated would inject a lot of cash in the museum coffers. I would fire the curator and museum director for not generating the required controversy and therefore the traffic, memberships and so on! :rolleyes:

I think THIS is the incident.