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I am conflicted by Aggies statement about where a camera should never be put. One reason for this is it conflicts with the advice I have given a couple of digital photographers..a second reason is who is Aggie to tell someone that a camera and axle grease should never be used for recreation?
Having gone through it twice, you never know if you have a person manning the camera, that knows how to make the correct turns internally. A wrong turn or incomplete turn just makes for a fuzzy image as you want to tap dance on the camera operators head for that mishap.

The controversy at BYU after reading the above link, seems so ridiculous. I remember (having attended that place) seeing nudes hanging on the walls in the art department in the 70's. Something has changed and not for the good. Granted they were not in anyway considered explicit, but they were nudes. That and the only photograph of a nude at BYU that is shown every single semester is that damn picture taken of me. Seems ironic somehow.