What a nice surprise Suzanne! Something from the beginning of the last century but as you point out very modern and unpostured.

There are a few 'old' portrait photographs - had I the pleasure of great wealth - that I would find, buy and display, and Miss N, the moment I enlarged your book-scanned image would be one of about four. Like all stuff this far back, the original must be drop-dead-arresting.

I find 'Miss N' absolutely fascinating: the placement of her shoulders against the headboard of a bed for goodness sake, the gripped little pitcher resting lazily at the bottom of the image, her right hand slightly tense - impatiently claw-ish rather than submisively draped, her cocked head, eyes askew not of shyness but of attitude, dark locks fluffed down over her chest, bodice and sleeves suggestively slid-down a little but maybe not, the loose-but-telling material across her breasts so straightforwardly telling what ls beneath. Such naturalness in this picture, such a compliment to a female!

'Red Man' is a magnificent and haunting composition in every possible way but Miss N has stolen my objectivity, my heart actually.

Thanks so much for the thread.