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Cher Nisp,
But no doubt you are familiar with the argument that the reason He is always portrayed with loincloth is because He was a nice Jewish boy and therefore circumcised -- and the less intelligent or educated goyim prefer to ignore the fact the He was Jewish.
Raja Royale and Dearest,

Todah rabah ("thank you very much" in my best memorized phonetic Hebrew ... therefore, perhaps in error!). But really ... Jesus, Jewish? HA! Who told you that? Everybody knows that He went to a Catholic church and prayed to his mom and real dad in front of an icon of ... oh, wait a minute . . .

In fact no, I hadn't heard that argument, but it certainly does seem plausible, doesn't it? Having briefly attended Catholic school and having gone to catechism like a good boy (due, in part, to nuns who would show up on the doorstep of our house with a sort of "subpoena" if I had missed class the previous week --no kidding), I of course know that Jesus was Jewish (making Mary a Jewish mother, don't forget. Can you picture the kvetching? "Jesus, when are you gonna get a job? All you do is hang around with guys all day.. fishing, walking on water... making bread fall from the sky... and who's gonna clean all that up? Are you happy? Look at me when I talk to you and stop looking up at the sky" .. etc.)

But I have to give the Cathos credit; they came clean with the naked truth. I remember being taught something about "the Lord being exposed with a naked body, because He was not even deemed worthy of being covered". Sheesh. Talk about adding insult to injury! Those Roman guys sure knew how to be mean, huh? Sounds like Pontius needed to be punched. Even my dad was never as severe!

But the Catholics sure got their revenge. Have you seen the gorgeous dresses the pope wears now (as well as the shoes and hats .. no purse though)? Jesus would be spinning in ... ah, nevermind. He's supposedly not there anymore.

Say hi to the lovely FS.

Le Nisp

PS/ the word loincloth sets off an alarm: according to some stories and a "secret Gospel" written by [I don't remember who], did you know that Lazarus was in fact not an old man, as is usually taught ... but a young boy in a loincloth (!). He's mentioned at least a couple times in the secret gospel.. he was apparently a Jesus groupie (no stalkers or paparazzis yet!). If you want more details, email me..I don't want to start a religious war here!