MLK started out as a nobody. His big leap into the lime light came with the Rosa Parks incident. Which I think she should be more recognized for.

as for armchair politicians......WE ALL ARE!

As for dissenting voice, I have been mostly the lone one on this thread, Those that have dissented here either gave up or were run off.

I am not for everything that this administration stands for, nor am i for everything republicans stand for. I am also not for everything that the democrats stand for.

Stereotypes of only the poor are incarcerated, and only the poor are taking the illegal drugs is just that. It is across all stratas. I get just as sick seeing someone who is famous get off with a slap on the wrist.

Who exactly are the rich in this country? I sure as hell would like to be in that group someday. Even if it was just to say I had been there once. Why are people stuck in the various income designations? Why are poor kept poor? What is it that would elevate the poor out of their circumstances? What exactly can be done?

As for saying run for office why not? Don't we have the right to run for office if we choose to do so? I made that statement so that if someone and I didn't designate a specific person, wants to make changes, is that not a way to do it? If nothing can be done, why even debate it and why even try by voting?