Who are these wealthy people who are vitimizing the poor? Who are the poor unless a minority is automatically classified as poor. By IRS standards most of us here would be classified as wealthy. I sure as hell have never victimized anyone. Yet by Government standards I am wealthy. I just wish I could keep some of that wealth rather than buy food, pay rent, try to save for retirement, transportation costs for hubby just to get to work, (He commutes via BART) INSURANCE, oh yeah and my meds. You all wouldn't want me to forget my meds now would you? Hmm after that not much left. I know my bank book is the poor one I victimize. I must put some more money in it. (I wish)

So by your terms the general population of the USA so long as they are white are vicitmizing minorities? What exactly are we white people doing?

Franceso. You should see what Chavez in Venezuela is doing to the people there. Similar to what Marcos did.