I hear ya Aggie. I am all for diplomacy in dealing with these abuses - what I like to call abuses on a massive scale. Granted you have abuses everywhere, the US being a place where loads are perpetuated. But never in a scale that encompasses the whole country, and generations after. The pros and cons of the death penalty in Texas, etc. pales in comparison to what these people have done to their countrymen over the years and decades. Bordering on genocide. The US in their meddling helped keep Marcos in power but at the very end they also helped to kick him out. It is something no one in the Philippines publicly appreciates. Is the world a global village, are we all neighbours? How long should one wait before diplomacy is replaced with force? The UN never helped the Philippines during their hour of need. Ultimately the people of that country took it upon themselves to kick out a dictator. Fortunately the US put enough pressure on Marcos to leave instead of bombing the crowds (I was there in the streets so I saw this first hand). They helped him escape but that means to me that they helped prevent a massacre. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Probably a journalist said that.