I had the same feelings about grain in the early days of making photographs. I used large and medium format often with Pan FA and fine grain developers to try to eliminate any evidence of grain. I photographed only landscape and still life but when I decided to make a documentary work about the miners of my home town I struggled to use medium format and invested in 35mm and agonised over the increase of grain in my images. I stuck with it despite the grain factor and gradually realised that the grain was adding an element to the images, in fact I did use some medium format images in the final show and felt that they were too clean and crisp and did not convey the mood of the subject. Since then I have considered the effect that grain would have on the subject that I am photographing and if I feel that the interpretation would benefit from the inclusion of grain I do all I can to enhance the grain in the image. I also now use grain in still life and landscape when I think it appropriate. Delta 3200 and Trigs, developed in Retinal, are the two films that I use when I want grain.