My good friend and fellow APUGer Mark Nowaczynski has won another major award with the NFB documentary House Calls, a one hour movie following Dr Mark as he takes care of some of his frail and elderly patients. He has been dragging around a 4x5 Linhoff and lighting gear for 8 years now and is working on a ground breaking photo exhibition that we hope tours from city to city.
House Calls won the prestigious Donald Brittain Award for best Social/Political Documentary Program at the 21st Annual Gemini Awards last night
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What really suprises me is how the movie starts with my magical hands under the enlarger and then flipping prints to development. * this scene brings tears to my eyes* how did I not win an award for a supporting actor award.
go figure.
Anyways we at Elevator are very proud of Mark and wish him all the success with this very important photographic project.