Hello everyone.

I need a new camera, but can't really decide between those two.
Too bad I can't afford a F100.

Anyway, these are the advantages I found for the N90s:
* Better build quality (better protection for rain, dust, etc.)
* Possibility for MF lenses
* PC-connection to transfer exposure-data to a computer (I heard the software for this was discontinued or something? Can I still find it, and can I find the connection-cable?)

Advantages for the N80:
* built-in flash
* New, so easily obtainable, more warranty, more easy to get it repaired

Anything else I missed?
(The AF system isn't very important to me. A simple centre AF (like the N90s) is enough)

Does anyone has some experience with those cameras?
I read for example that the N90s isn't so easy to use as the N80. Also that some new lenses don't work with it..

Thanks in advance,