I had a Canoscan 8000F a year ago. I only sold it because I needed the money. It's a nice scanner. I only scanned 35mm film with it, but I understand you can actually scan medium format also, if you make your own frame for it with cardboard or something. I was generally very pleased with it, and with its FARE infrared dust removal (similar to Digital ICE).

While I had it, I thought scanning the negatives instead of making a contact sheet was a viable idea. However, if you intend to actually make darkroom prints anyway, it may take a lot less time to make a contact sheet. For best results with the Canoscan, you really have to scan at its best setting and at a high enough resolution for the picture to at least fill the screen, and to do this with a whole roll of 24 exposures of 35mm film, it takes a lot of time.

I think you will have to try it yourself to see if it's a suitable workflow for you, but quality-wise, I think it's a very viable thing with this particular scanner.