well three actually:

Joe Lipka sent me two - both stunning - one from Chinatown, Vancover with a juxtaposition of kanji signage and a normal no entry sign. Also an image from the Labyrinth series that was published in Lenswork. The quality is stunning - and no the one produced from a digital camera has amazing detail - masterful and something I can only aspire too.

Rory - the man who had the temerity to suggest he might not be an expert - sent a stunning portrait the strength of which is incredible! The image is of Clarence Clemens whom I do not know - I did search the web and came across a Clarence Clemons - a sax player who is fantastic so if this is a mistake its a great one as I am about to order some of his music for sure - whoever the image is of it is stunning with wonderful blacks and a great range of tones and just lovely light.

More for my wall and thank you for images that will find space of my walls!