seems 29% of the males in prision in California are white, but 29% are black. what is more surprising is 36% are hispanic. what does this show when compared to the break down of ethnaticity of the state? Shows comperable numbers. As fgor drug offenses it was only 23% of the offenses committed. Now that would mean if only black males commited the drug offenses they still would have had 6% doing other types of crimes. Now reality is the drug abuses were across the board to all cultures. Call the peopl listed in the website and find out more.

As for life sentences connected with drug crimes, In California it is a three strike law before that goes into effect. If caught dealing (let me say that again, DEALING ) that means selling or trafficing in illegal drugs, then you will receive the punishment of life. Parole is still a possibility.

As for Chavez in Venezuela, the US is keeping it's distance in that government. the only time it helps that governement is when there is a natural (IE flood, earthquake etc.) that occurs. How do I know? Well son in law moved here after spending 9 years working in the US embassy there. His family btw is Venezuelen.

As for jdef's last post, I agree. Only problem with it is real world. Communisim in in it's pure form is a wonderful ideal. It has never been practiced in it's pure form. To force individuals to conform to it, is a form of censorship . There is no good solution.

I am wholly against the patriot act. Yes we need security, not at the expense of our freedoms. We should look Back to an Idaho senator named Frank Church and his dismantling of the intelligence community as a link to the current problems. We should look outward, not at our own people. My favorite quote is, "We have met the enemy, and they is us!" Pogo