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BTW - did you know that Bruce owns a Littman? Knowing this, does that push him over the line one direction or the other???
Dear Flying,

I'm not sure that Bruce Weber's use of Littman (and Rolleiflex TLR) would necessarily qualify his work as art instead of pornography (but in any case, for me, I see it as more homo-erotic than pornographic).

Anyway, if one had to judge by a photographer's equipment whether
the resulting work were pornographic or not, a lot of Playboy's earlier stuff —photographed with an 8x10 Deardorff— would be in a museum! As well,
Bob Miser's AMC images —originally made with a Speed Graphic— would be at the Getty (hey, there's an idea!).

Having said that, it's heartwarming to know that Weber —among many other top professionals— are still using film cameras (a term which, just ten years ago, would have been weird!).