I hope you enjoy your winter making emulsions and I wish you success.

It is true, as I have posted before here on APUG and PN that silver rich is a myth. It is not needed to get good quality. But, the myth arose because the old silver rich films had very good quality. We see that in the nostalgia over some of the older products such as Super XX. Even today, some manufacturers advertize silver rich products which have good quality.

We, working at home, cannot easily make double coated film or make t-grain emulsions. They are much more complex than simpler emulsion from this earlier era and the earlier emulsions, while 'silver rich' also can be 'image rich' if I may coin a term here.

Denise has commented on how rich the blacks look in her hand coatings from the Azo type emulsion formula that she is making. This coating is silver rich but is also beautiful to behold. A typical coating contains about 250 mg/square foot or about 1.9 grams per square meter. You typically coat 12 ml per square foot or about 100 ml / square meter. (These will not match exactly as I'm doing the conversion in my head here between English and Metric but that is ball park. I hope I didn't slip a decimal.)

That is about double the level of silver current enlarging paper level, but it works and give such a nice look I just could not resist the result myself. I could lower the silver content with appropriate addenda, but chose not to due to the appearance. This particular formula is also slightly softer in the toe than the Azo formulation and therefore gives better detail in the highlights with less need for dodging.

The matte blacks look like black velvet.