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If two papers are identical in all ways but dmax, the paper with the lower dmax is necessarily shorter in latitude and will reproduce a shorter tone scale.

I think that you can see the logic in that. You can demonatrate that for yourself by taking a paper curve from the Kodak web site and altering it to show the two curves.

Without such curves, I guess this is about all I can do in the way of explanation. I hope it helps.

There are other curves possible, but this is the simplest case. I hope it helps you.

Use what works for you or what you like best though.

I hope that you recognize one thing about this discussion. It is that you have chosen to move it into an arena apart from what my original response and all subsequent responses have said. You are the only one who is placing the qualification of all things "being equal" into this discussion.

That is the basis of the disagreement that we have. Pt-pd and Azo are not the same as all other papers. I think that you will agree to that. You are making a global judgement based upon a limited view of things.

I will agree that if all things are equal that certain conditions will exist...but in this case all things are not equal.