The late Barry Thornton reformulated Stoeckler's Two Bath recipe for thinner modern films. Comments on this?
From what I've read, Stoeckler, Thornton and Adams (likely many others also) experimented with variations on Kodak D23. I use the Adams variant of D23 which is 7.5/100/1litre for A and 10/1litre for B. I'm using "20 mule team" borax for the B bath and it works fine. I also presoak for two minutes and my films are FP4+ and PlusXAero in 4x5 and 8x10. This (the D23) stuff lasts forever. I'm currently using 8 month old D23 and it's working fine. My times for PlusXAero rated at iso10 are 5 minutes in A and four minutes in B. It's been a while for FP4+, so I don't remember now, but 4+4 rated at iso100 come to mind