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I hope that you recognize one thing about this discussion. It is that you have chosen to move it into an arena apart from what my original response and all subsequent responses have said. You are the only one who is placing the qualification of all things "being equal" into this discussion.

That is the basis of the disagreement that we have. Pt-pd and Azo are not the same as all other papers. I think that you will agree to that. You are making a global judgement based upon a limited view of things.

I will agree that if all things are equal that certain conditions will exist...but in this case all things are not equal.
Donald, I am quite familiar with the characteristics of Azo paper. After all, one of my emulsions is a very close duplicate of Azo. I am therefore in a position to state that I have coated the experiment I describe above and can verify that Azo exibits the characteristics that I describe if the curve is controlled as I describe. And, due to my familiarity with a number of other papers, including color, which I have coated, I can say that they all behave the same within their own class and even cross compared if they are made to equivalent curves.

The result is limited due to physics and we cannot get around the natural laws involved.

I too love the character of Azo and Pt/Pd, but they behave according to the same laws of reflectance and transmission and can be cross compared under the conditions I have described.

But, again, I say use what works. That is the underlying theme of everything I propose.