Bill Mitchell quoting bruce terry: "square doesn't work here, holds the viewer too distant, doesn't sweep you and your feelings into the image like a rectanglar format would"
Sounds like a PSA-approved critique at the local camera club. I don't buy it.

Hey Bill - You talk'n bout Me? A simple picture-taker who has never had need of a camera club or 'PSA' except in the context of the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test?

With the preface, understand my comment: "My personal reaction is square doesn't work here, etc." See, this stuff is out of my head, nobody else's. You say what I say is from some knee-jerk-know-it-all? Then you my friend gotta join me in The Box ... but since we are both very good guys I think we forget The Box, go knock someone else side of the head.