Well, my first night in the darkroom was fun but yeilded no results. Basically my test strips were mostly black. I set my enlarger to 8x10 size and did a whole sheet of paper with the lense wide open. No negative just the carrier, #2 filter. This strip had different grades on it but the center had a giant black rectangle in the middle. I did this one at 5 sec. intervals. I then left the enlarger at the same height and cut a piece into quarters. The first three were black. I progressively made the aperture smaller with each strip. the last one was done at f11. I put in a unexposed, but developed piece of film and focused. I did this strip at 2 sec. intervals. I basically got three shades before black. The first 2 sec exposure yeilded middle gray. Unexposed paper came out paper white. I'm using MG IV RC w/ Ilfords MG dev. which was 70 degrees. The chem side seems fine. Print appeared after about 10 seconds. Dev'd for one minute. Kinda stuck. I'm guessing, but 8 seconds to black is too short? what am I doing wrong?