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You are a saint for taking this on - it must be worse than herding cats!

So, compliments delivered - what's the subject (or is it subjects, since you're doing two months)?

Oh, and does "neatness count"?
Hehehe - trust me when I say that there's nothing saintly about me . I just enjoy seeing the photographs.

I have a couple of victims in mind as first round choosers/judges, so I'll wait for a couple more days to see if anyone has any objections to the idea and if there are none, then we'll go ahead.

Just a note : this is not a contest, picking a "judge" (I dislike that title) is simply a method to expedite and provide some variety in the subject selection process.

Bromo : don't hold your breath ... you'll turn cod-blue and pass out We'll be underway soon - I promise.