This is something that interests me very much. I am a sheet metal worker by trade. I am currently working on a project, fabricating & photographing sheet metal fittings. I would like to mount these photographs onto aluminum. I’ve done a little research (keyword being “little”) into this. Here is a quote from another photo forum on this subject.

“I mount many on Stainless Steel & it works well. The cooling phase is the most critical, at least that is my experience. If you scuff the surface before mounting that will help a lot in the dry mount material adhering without air bubbles. I use a fine sanding disk or a curcular wire brush to rough the surface while still keeping it smooth(if that makes sense). If you use Seal colormount, which bonds as it heats rather than as it cools, you will get more consistent results. Follow up with a really good, heavy, flat weight for about 20-30 minutes to allow the mounting to cool with pressure to help with preventing future air bubbles from areas that didn't get enough pressure when mounting. I use double sheets of the Seal Colormount to allow enough thickness to make a good mounting surface for adhesion to both the print & metal.”

I plan to start with .063 aluminum & Colormount & go from there.

Good Luck,