Greetings All!
I'm sure glad that I found this forum! All the digital stuff on other forums was getting me down.
Once I was an avid amateur photographer. Bunch of Nikons, lenses, enlarger, etc. & eventually lost interest & sold all my stuff in the late 80's. Bought a small auto focus camera for casual snapshots & vacations and was as happy as a clam until I got the Pinhole bug. Now my living room looks like a workshop. There's stuff heaped up on the coffee table....there's several cameras in various stages of construction...a Dremel tool is involved too! My wife is having fits and I'm hoping an attorney doesn't get involved. Somewhere along the way a Nikon FM-10 snuck in. So here I am....reading up on film and developer, checking mfg. websites for info on enlargers & my wife is saying, "Here we go again!".