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Hi Bob,
I have never heard of anyone doing that. That sounds interesting. What are the benefits of mounting a fiber print to aluminum vs. archival mount board? Is this a special project or are you planning on mounting all of your fiber prints to aluminum?
Hi Scott

My interest in this process is one of being able to mount a very large project I have been working on where I solarize crushed metal objects. My print sizes will be 28" x 42". the prints will be trimmed to rebate and floated on the aluminum and framed with welded steel. Kinda like keeping everything in the metalic look.
As well I have contiually heard that mounting to aluminum is the ultimate in smoothness, and stability, its archival aspects I'm not sure of and I will research before I proceed.
Normally with all our work for prints over 16x20 we use rag board as a mounting subsrate