Just got this on the Austin Alt Process Group email. Sounds like a great chance for those needing a nice darkroom - and open 24 hours - but take advantage of it now because it's likely to close without your participation.

Greetings to all current, former, and at some point prospective DarkRoom

First, a question: How many well appointed, available, 24 hour darkrooms
are there in Austin? Answer: Soon to be NONE if the only one currently
available (us) doesn't get some tenants SOON!

I am absolutely serious folks. We are dying and it's for three main
reasons: low tenant numbers, chronically late rent checks, and our relaxed
lease policy being taken advantage of.

LOW TENANT NUMBERS. For all prospective tenants out there who ever
thought they might want to join the darkroom; NOW would be a fantastic
time to do it, because if you wait to much longer it won't be here. I
get about 10 emails a month from people who have been looking
everywhere for a darkroom. I am lucky if one actually pays a month
rent. Everyone, please try to get the word out. Plead, coerce, force,
bribe, drag all of your photo friends in here. Thanks huge to all those
current tenants who consistently pay, month after month, even when they
don't use it. You keep this place alive PERIOD.

LATE RENT. self explanatory. The landlord's patience is growing thin.
Mine too. The landlord was happy to get us owing to the amount of
building and improvement I did, and would be just as happy to get rid
of us since he can charge more money for the rent now.

LEASE POLICY: Ever since I dropped the lease requirement tenants have
been coming and going at will, or dropping off thinking that they would
return when got the "spark" again. Get it now! The ONLY way this
darkroom can survive is with a consistent tenant base. The old d-room
at the GAC had 6 month leases (and enforced them!) and they made money.
That's the only reason that space wasn't rented out for something else.
We are no different.

No Tenant
No Rent
No DarkRoom

I understand that money is tight all over and I am in full sympathy with
you. However, this darkroom cannot survive with its current enrollment.
Do whatever you can to address any of these points. Tell all your photo
friends, teachers, and students; post blogs, write columns, send emails.
If you haven't rented yet indulge that creative urge and get in the
DarkRoom! Do it today!

Thanks to everyone who is already giving more than they ought to! I know
who you are and appreciate it. On a lighter note, the EAST Austin studio
tour is next weekend (Nov. 18th and 19th). For everyone who wants to hang
something get it to me now. Frame however you want just get me something
(lots of things preferably) Thanks all,

Scott Engle
DarkRoom Studio and Gallery