Hard to talk about just one image with Salgado, and like many others I have admired his work for a long time. He seems to have become sme sort of "photo god", and even gives his long term projects biblical names, i.e. "Exodus" for the migrations work, and currently "Genesis" for this arctic (or is it antarctic?) work.

His ability to show the human condition in such a dignified way is his extraordinary strength as a photographer. I just wish he would edit his work a little more tightly, and publish some smaller (well... more affordable) books.

As for the train photograph in particular... it's a wonderful testament to the ability of photography and Salgado as a photographer to document this teeming humanity of a crowded train station, and also be an absolute visual feast for the eyes.

I find the iceberg photo quite a lovely landscape. and he always uses this wonderful light (back light?) in a lot of his work. Interesting to see he still uses it in such a different context. Though, this landscape work may need the context of the whole portfolio to really be appreciated