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I find the iceberg photo quite a lovely landscape. and he always uses this wonderful light (back light?) in a lot of his work. Interesting to see he still uses it in such a different context. Though, this landscape work may need the context of the whole portfolio to really be appreciated
Is it back lit? Unfortunately, there aren't any Sebastiao Salgado books in any of my libraries here. I usually take out the same ones and I study them.
I'll have to take a look at some more and see if lots of the photo are back lit. I do recall the little girl with the angel wings and the sun in the background. What an image. I wouldn't want to be the one printing that! Looks like a very difficult image to print with just the right exposure and heavy, heavy burning in the back.
But his printing style (or his printer's printing style) is a little heavy. Dark images with just what you want to see come out of the darkness.