Thanks for the information about Zoltan Glass.

I remember his work from the early 1960's - most especially, a series where he posed a number of nude female models on pedestals in a formal garden in England. He used *lot* of powder (?) or other "whitening" agent to present the images as marble, and posed them in classical "greek staue" poses (no, the Venus De Milo was not included).

His earlier work was, at least most notably, done for Mercedes, and advertised the "niceties" of Mercedes automoblies. After he fled Germany at the beginning of the Second World War, he landed first in New York and after the war emigrated to England. There he did a LOT of work for the so-called "Men's" magazines, and the main source of images of naked female figures (mildly so, compared to today's standards), the Photography magazines.

His "Stautue" work made a deep and lasting impression on me - and that has never left me. One of my favorite photographers.

I like Edward Weston's *eariler* works, from the early 1920's to the late thirties;
Of course Stieglitz, Strand and Steichen.

One photographer I recently discoverd has become part of my subliminal vision - largely unknown and fantastically talented, in my opinion: Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Then there is Horst; lord, how could I not include Irving Penn, Fritz Henle ...

Damn ... It is nearly impossible to stop....