It seems that Condit went out of business a while ago. Does anyone know what became of them? I can't find them in the Yellow Pages on Yahoo, either.

Condit used to be in Connecticut, not far from where I lived. I went out to visit them one day. They were in a simple brick building out in the country. I met John and his son, both very nice people. They showed me areound the shop. One of the things they showed me was a prototye of an 8x10 enlarger they were building. The best that I can describe it was it lookied like the upper assembly of a Saltzman enlarger! It was beauitful. It even had a pin registration negative carrier, 10"x10". It was spring loaded so the head moved up and down very easily. It was made to be wall mounted. It was build like a Saltzman, that is like a rock. They said if they got it working, it would sell for about $5k. I told them to put my name on the waiting list, but I never heard from them.

I bought some pin registration equipment from them and left. It's sad to see such a good company, devoted to quality engineering, leave the scene. I don't know if they just didn't have enough business or if the son wasn't interested in taking over the place.