That's a VERY crude relation.

Yes, it is, I know, but I'm afraid if I start trying to get too technical I'm going to show off my ignorance even more than I am now! :-). I'm a little too busy to try it right now but I've been thinking I may try making a gelatin emulsion. Of course it won't be on the level you guys are doing, but what the heck? I copied 4 recipes off the web and have read about a dozen patents and I think I'm starting to get at least a basic feel for it. Also think I might try using sodium thiosulphate to try and bump the speed up. One patent I read called for adding 6.7 grams of 1% solution to every 2000 grams gelatin and ripening at 50C for an hour. I managed to break that down to 1 small drop for every 40 grams.
One of the recipes I found calls for 2 ripening periods, 1 for 2 hours and 1 for 1.5 hours, so I'm thinking I should add it during the second phase.
What do you guys think?