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I have a 38" HDTV direct-view TV that weighs 250lbs suspended 3 feet above my easel. I have removed my enlarger and connected the TV to my timer. TV comes off and on via footswitch. Timer is a compensating type and turns off during commercials. Exposure times are automatically calculated via an electrode in the light path. Timer has settings for:
'talk shows', 'soaps', 'news', 'PBS', 'sports', 'poker' and 'misc'.

I tried that too, using Fox, but all I got was heat and no light.

Actually, the few times I have tried to listen to PRI on the radio, I found it so distracting that I turned it off after half a print. Even Beethoven seems to throw my dodging and burning rhythms off, and I don't know whose metronome to follow. Give me quiet, please.