20C (68F) is a long way from the 80F (27C) recommended processing temperature. I find that processing at 84-85F (29.??C) gives even better results. I think you're going to end up with a color shift and will have to give the material a lot of exposure processing at 20C.

The Ilford processors (CAP-40) were made by Thermophot. I've had one since 1988 and have found it to be very good. The recirculating pumps are extremely reliable as they use a magnetic drive system making them easy to take apart and clean. The only thing you could potentially have problems with would be the heater and thermostat circuit. I've never had any problems with mine and have literally put thousands of sheets of paper through it.

If you can find a clean, used CAP-40, that would be the best way to process the material. After that, a JOBO drum system would be my next choice. If you really need to process in trays, try and setup a water bath system for the developer to get it to 27C. Having the bleach and fix being at 27C shouldn't be as critical.