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It is exactly reinventing the wheel. And it won't be anything like what Fujifilm makes and sells for a couple of bucks a piece.

To me the only reason to make emulsion is to make something that's good but unavailable from any manufacturer. When I want results I can get with commercial products, there is absolutely no point of making the material myself, because I will not save time OR money in doing this. If Tri-X in sheet size will do the job, your time and money are better spent with it.

By reinventing the wheel I meant why try to invent my own emulsion from scratch without finding out how others have done it first, avoid their pitfalls and benefit from their experience? If I was going to design my own clock, I'd first take a couple of other clocks apart and see how they worked, then start on mine.
And I certainly would never try to build my own clock to save time or money -- but just to point at it and say 'I made that!'
If I ever start doing ULF portait work I probably will use sheet film cuz I'll need an ISO of 400 or so. But then I'll have to design a better shutter...