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KenM, I for one have heard of your hockey team - I am from Atlanta and cry every time I think of the Flames.

Do Jaques Richard, Phil Meyer, Dan Bouchard, Eric Vail, Willi Plett, Bill Clement, and Bob McMillan still play for them? Have they won any playoff games? They only won one playoff game during their time in Atlanta. I haven't been able to watch hockey since 1980.

The Flames were also part of the strangest trade in professional sports - The Flames got a defenseman and the New York Nets got Julius Erving in return.

Man, do I remember those names. Sadly, most (if not all) have all retired :-) But, rest easy friend - you have the Trashers now, and they're a pretty exciting team.

And, I didn't know about the trade. Pretty funny.

Did you know at one time that one of the first owners of the Calgary Flames owned the rights to Wayne Gretzky, and sold the rights to him to Edmonton? Ouch.

Go Flames!