I shoot 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14, but the system is the same.
Each neg. is numbered mm-dd-yy-film-holder #. So, the first shot of 05-27-04 might be 17 (05-27-04-17) then I'll turn it over and take 05-27-04-18. I started doing this because of the field notes. I started using a Newton and switched to a Palm. These were imported into an Excel spreadsheet. Also I can keep track of which film holders are malfunctioning (not uncommon with 11x14). It's rare to use the same film holder twice in one day, so each negative is uniquely identified. When using Graphmatics for 4x5, the Graphmatic automatically labels the negatives 1-6, and I have Graphmatics A - F, so these become 05-27-04-E3, for instance.
After development each negative gets its own 3 mil poly sleeve, and the sleeve goes into an 8x10 or 11x14 archival paper envelope from Light Impressions. Across the top of the envelope goes the neg#, and the name of the image, with the lens, filter and exposure imformation. Under that is a record of all the times I have printed that negative, on what paper, and the exposure and manipulations. In the paper envelope I include the best work print.
The 4x5s and 8x10s go into hanging file folders labeled by date and subject. The 11x14s go into archival storage boxes, also from Light Impressions.