Yes, film emulsions are almost always bromoiodide emulsions from about 0.3% - 10% iodide and very large in grain, or from 0.2 - 5 microns in size.

Paper emulsions are usually bromide, chlorobromide and chloride (Azo). Grain size varies from about 0.1 micron to about 0.3 microns but there are exceptions, even with film emulsions.

Paper silver varies from about 500 mg/ meter square to about 5 g/meter square, and film varies from about 1 gram / metre square to about 20 or 30 grams per meter square (X-Ray is the highest).

I hope I got that right. At EK we used a mixed english metric system and I was converting from mg/ft square to mg/meter square and rounding.