I'm not sure why I am doing this but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the mamiya 7II with 65mm lens.

I've had this camera a little over a week and it's been a very pleasant experience. I purchased the camera on ebay from a female DC attorney who was unloading most of her gear including this camera and an xpan. She wasn't going digital, she was just staying with a Canon kit she had.

I owned a M7 last summer for a week and sold it under pressure from my mentor who doesn't like rangefinders. So, I never really used one but I always lusted after one.

So, the auction came up and I won it. Honestly, I was thinking I would be outbid but I wasn't. The camera arrived in perfect condition. Plus, I won a M7 with a 65mm lens two days earlier. So now I have two Mamiyas but I think the M7 is sold.

Anyway, I promptly read the owners manual and loaded a roll of film. I took a quick stroll downtown to expose my first roll of film. I was using the internal meter just to make sure it worked.

Well it did. And it worked damn good too.

This camera is a joy to use. It's easy to hold and to focus. And it's small enough to stash away in most small bags. A good friend of mine has the same camera and keeps it in a gap messenger bag. Whatever.

Anyway, I exposed so more film today. I used the internal meter and a pentax digital spot meter to double check my exposures. The camera always matched the meter. Even the deepest shadows.

Now I have been warned by other owners to beware because it is kind of a center weighted spot meter of sorts but the camera exposed everything just fine.

This camera has really put me in a dilema. I have a full Hasselblad kit as well as a Pentax 67. I never really enjoyed either one as much as I enjoy this camera. I don't do much studio or still life work (not yet) so I always had to lug around my tripod. This really doesn't bother me but sometimes it attracts unwanted attention (especially when I have my 503 with 3 lenses with me). So now I am thinking, "do I really need all this other gear?".

My only issue with the camera is film loading. I can do it somewhat quickly but I have a hard time lining the arrows which leads to frame 10 being cut off. No big deal but then that leaves me with 9 pictures.

Wow this is long. Sorry.

Well, I am not sure I am saying what I really want to say, and that is this:

This is a terrific camera. The lens is every bit as sharp and contrasty as my Zeiss glass. Now I am sure some of you will whip out some MTF charts or some other chart to try to convince me otherwise but "TO MY EYE" these negs look awesome.

I will be making some prints from these negs next week. In the meantime, I am going to shoot some APX 25 with the camera to see what it can do. And yes it will go on a tripod.

I've posted a photo from today. Let me know what you think.

Sorry for the rambling mess.... It's late.