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Any suggestions for a good film/developer combo for someone who likes taking city shots at night? the best I have done thus far is Tri-X in MicrodolX 1:3, which is "ok". I have some Acros for reciprocity reasons...I want to mitigate the star effect of the lights as much as I can...
I have done many night and low light photographs in the past - not so many lately. I used TRI-X or HP5+ developed in split D23 (or similar compensating) developer. The obvious problem is the high contrast usually encountered. The "star" effect can be unavoidable due to the specular quality of unfiltered light filaments of street lights, headlights, et c.

Reciprocity can be a significant problem. My solution was to do a seat-of-the-pants estimate, multiply the time by up to 10 or just open the shutter and drink a soda(?). Hope this helps.