I use three ring binders, with the appropriate page inserts.

My shot info sheet has a place for exposure notes (LF 4x5 & 8x10), development (N, N+ or -), chemistry (PMK, ABC) and printing info. The proof sheet goes in place in an office supply clear page holder (with any notes scribbled on the back of the print) and the film is numbered (year - exposure number, i.e. 04-24). This keeps all of the information in one place for film, exposure, development and printing. Although it seems a bit of a bother to set up, it is worth the effort when a year has passed and memory clouds over.

35mm or 120 just gets cut, put into sleeves for the roll and the contact sheet (8x10) goes with it with the three hole punch in the binder, then the date code (year - roll number, film type) is written in the margin. 35mm transparency gets the same treatment in pages for the binder.