Hi Tom -- I did consider the idea of mixing the AA and phenidone up in an organic solvent, a la Gainer, and actually tried it with propylene glycol. Unfortunately the solubility of ascorbic acid in propylene glycol doesn't seem to be high enough to make it worthwhile. PC-Glycol calls for 10 g AA in 100 ml of glycol -- this is close to what MYTOL requires in a litre of stock solution, and is near the solubility limit of AA in glycol. At most you could get a stock that would be diluted 1+9.

Triethanolamine may work better for this purpose. The trick would be balancing the pH effect of the TEA with the amount needed to dissolve the AA at a worthwhile concentration. Cutting it with a bit of propylene glycol might do the job, but then you start getting into extra ingredients. Right now I'm content to handle just the phenidone as a stock solution in propylene glycol (20 mg/mL) -- it saves the hassle of accurately weighing sub-gram quantities of phenidone all the time.